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About DLA Disposition Services

About DLA Disposition Services

The headquarters for DLA Disposition Services is located in the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center in Battle Creek, Michigan.  We are located at:

DLA Disposition Services
Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center
74 Washington Ave
Battle Creek, MI 49037-3092

You have several options to reach us:
Toll Free: 1-877-DLA-CALL or DSN: 661-7766
Commercial/FTS (269) 961-7766

Additional sites are located around the world.  

Prospective Employees.  Are you interested in working for a global organization where you can serve a greater cause?  DLA Disposition Services has locations in 41 states and 16 countries around the world.  Our Battle Creek headquarters is housed in a beautiful, historic building and features an onsite day care and fitness center.  If you are applying for a position in Battle Creek, learn about the advantages offered in this city located just hours from Chicago and Detroit.

Battle Creek Unlimited - http://www.welcometobattlecreek.com/welcome-home
Battle Creek Chamber - http://www.battlecreek.org/

For more information about exciting and meaningful careers with the Defense Logistics Agency, check out DLA Jobs/How to Apply.  This area will provide you with information on our mission, career fields, job announcements, hiring process and hiring programs.  If you are interested in working for DLA Disposition Services specifically, check this USAJOBS feed.  For USA Staffing/Resume' Assistance Toolkit, click the toolkit link.

Disposing of excess property. DLA Disposition Services disposes of excess property received from the military services. The inventory changes daily and includes thousands of items: from air conditioners to vehicles, clothing to computers, and much more.  In fiscal year 2008, over 56,000 military units and organizations turned in over 3.5 million items to DLA Disposition Services.

That property is first offered for reutilization within the Department of Defense (DoD), transfer to other federal agencies, or donation to state and local governments and other qualified organizations.  Reutilization means big savings. In fiscal 2008, $2.2 billion worth of property was reutilized. Every dollar's worth of property reutilized is a tax dollar saved. DLA Disposition Services also supports disaster relief at home, and humanitarian assistance and foreign military sales programs.

Selling DoD surplus property. DLA Disposition Services manages the DoD surplus property sales program. Excess property that is not reutilized, transferred or donated may be sold to the public.  The property, no longer needed by the government, is only sold if it is appropriate and safe for sale to the general public.

Our Web site. DLA Disposition Services displays property available for reutilization, transfer and donation on the Internet. The Web site offers detailed information, including the property's condition and location. For sales information, sales schedules, and past bid sales results, go to the Government Liquidation Web site, http://www.govliquidation.com/ .

Keeping the environment in mind. DLA Disposition Services manages the disposal of hazardous property for DoD activities, maximizing the use of each item and minimizing environmental risks and costs.

Special programs. The Resource Recovery and Recycling Program conserves natural resources, reduces waste products and returns revenue to the military services. Through recycling, the Precious Metals Recovery Program significantly reduces the need for DoD to purchase metals such as gold, silver and platinum family metals through recycling of excess and surplus scrap containing precious metals.

Demilitarization. Certain property is demilitarized (i.e., rendered useless for its originally intended purpose). Surplus property with inherent military characteristics must undergo "demil." Offensive and defensive weapons and associated material are demilitarized prior to sale or as a condition of sale.

MAJCOM support for the U.S. military. DLA Disposition Services supports America’s military wherever they are called to serve.  Current contingency missions see DLA Disposition Services civilians serving alongside combat forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are part of the worldwide presence within DoD, with people serving in 16 foreign countries, two U.S. territories (Guam and Puerto Rico) and 41 states. The total DLA Disposition Services work force numbers approximately 1,455 people. Of those, approximately 332 work at its Battle Creek, Mich., headquarters.

Small Business Ombudsman
. The DLA Disposition Services Small Business Ombudsman will receive, review and investigate concerns from small businesses about DLA Disposition Services initiatives and process changes. The Small Business Ombudsman will function in this capacity independent from DLA Disposition Services operational and policy offices and ensure that small business concerns are given fair consideration. The DLA Disposition Services Small Business Ombudsman can be reached at DLADispositionServicesOmbudsman@dla.mil.




Disposition Services Director
Director, DLA Disposition Services
Colonel Michael O. Cannon


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