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DLA Disposition Services

The DLA Customer Contact Center is accessible 24 hours a day,
Email: dlacontactcenter@dla.mil
7 days a week! You have several options to reach us:
Toll Free: 1-877-DLA-CALL or DSN: 661-7766
Commercial/FTS (269) 961-7766

DLA Disposition Services
at Gordon

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DLA Disposition Services at Gordon
Bldg 988, 10th Street
Ft Gordon, GA 30905

All turn-in deliveries must be scheduled,
click here "Schedule Property Turn-in"
or Call -3388 COMM: (706) 791-3388

If you don't have an automated DD Form 1348-1a document
system check out "ETID" our "Electronic Turn-in Document"
system for Turn-in customers

Hours of Operation

Points of Contact

Disposition Service Representative (DSR)

The direct link between our customers and the DLA Disposition Services. The DSR is the first contact for turn-in customers and are there to help with your disposal needs. They provide customer service via phone, email, in person, and can make disposal decisions at the turn-in customer’s activity location.



DLA Disposition Services manages the disposal of hazardous property for DoD activities. Hazardous property is handled according to the same priorities as other property: reutilization within DoD, transfer to other federal agencies, donations to qualified state and nonprofit organizations, and sale to the public including recyclers.   This process maximizes the use of each item and minimizes the environmental risks and the costs associated with disposal. DRMOs provide safe, temporary storage of hazardous property during the disposal cycle.



Note: This does not include hazardous property.
The only exceptions are used oil and lead-acid batteries.

a. Scrap property is defined as that material that has no value except for its basic material content.
b. Scrap segregation at the generator’s location is mandatory to keep the cost of handling scrap property to a minimum, and to enhance the value of the scrap (commingled scrap reduces/destroys the value of the basic material content).
The Site is available to furnish scrap segregation guidance and, when possible, containers for scrap segregation.
c. If scrap proceeds are to be deposited to other than the DLA Disposition Services Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) account, the reimbursement data must include the installation
QRP account number.
d. The turn-in document (DD Form 1348-1A) for scrap will include:
      (1) The basic material content.
      (2) Estimated weight.
      (3) Reimbursement data, if applicable.
      (4) Precious metals indicator code, if applicable.
e. MLI requiring DEMIL may not be turned in as scrap.


Reutilization, Transfer, & Donation

DLA Disposition Services pays for the transportation for DoD customers.  Federal Agencies and Donees will arrange transportation prior to picking up property.


Recycling Control Point (RCP) Program Information

The RCP concept offers excess and surplus property for reuse within the government and for sale to the DLA Disposition Services sales partner, Government Liquidation, after screening. It includes almost all Federal Supply Classes (FSCs), such as: electrical and electronic hardware, industrial parts and supplies, aircraft parts, clothing and textiles, construction materials and much more. 

DEMIL-Required items
Critical FSG/FSC items, and FSCAP items generated at RCP sites will be turned into the co-located/ servicing site to ensure hazardous items, property qualifying for demanufacturing, etc. (those items identified in paragraphs 4a-d, above) are not shipped to the designated DEMIL Center.

Schedule Appointment
Property being delivered to any Site must be scheduled. Open Sites are responsible to schedule their own appointments To schedule a turn in for a Site you will need the following information: "Schedule Property Turn-in"



Private companies and individual customers compete for property by participating
in property sales which are ongoing.  Usually a sale is for one broad category of property. Property is sold by local open or sealed bid auction, national sealed bid auction, or by negotiated sales when appropriate (e.g., with high-value items). Use the Property For sale to the Public Link from the upper left menu options for more detail. For this site call the above telephone number under Sales.

Controlled Property Branch CPB
Objective: This process will mitigate the release of unauthorized property to the
public that is received via LSN or processed in a Batchlot
• The Controlled Property Branch (CPB) is one process for the resolution for 100%
item review of batchlots and LSNs not cleared for release from hub locations
• Six designated sites will receive specified LSNs and batchlots
• All property will be reviewed and researched at the center
• After review/research, the property will go through the appropriate disposition

Property Hold Centers
Lab Equipment, DEMIL Code A, B and Q

Additional Site Information


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