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Reutilization Business Integration (RBI):
Plans to begin transitioning to our new system are currently on hold. The rollout was expected to begin March 26, 2012 and take place through August 2012. The delay includes postponing the registration process for accessing the new ETID and RTD applications. The schedule of turn-in locations that will be temporarily closed during the rollout will also change.

Once the new rollout date has been determined we will share that with you as well as the revised schedule of temporary location closings. The information will also be posted on this page along with any other updates.

We will continue to serve you while we ensure that our new system will serve you too. Please do not hesitate to contact us at rbiquestions@dla.mil if you have questions.

Ask a Question?
If you have a question about RBI send an email to our RBI Team at : RBIquestions@dla.mil
Military/Government Turn-In:

Q: Where do I find Turn-in instructions?
A: There are three categories of property turn-in instructions.
usable property
scrap property
hazardous property

Q: How do I get disposition instructions?
A: DoD 4160.21-M, "Defense Materiel Disposition Manual", August 18, 1997.

Q: How do I schedule a truck?
A: Visit the Schedule Property Turn-in web pages.

Q: How do I turn in hazardous waste?
A:  See Hazardous Turn In Services for guidance.

Q: How do I know you’ve received my request?
A: When a customer/generator requests a truck or a local appointment and they submit the request screen five comes up and tells them to print this page that has a confirmation number of the request. All schedulers are required to call each customer within 24 hours once we get a request in the database.

Surplus or Excess Property Availability:
Q: How do I search for, and request surplus property? (Military, Federal, State, and private sector)
A: This is answered on the RTD FAQs.

Q: I ordered an item, but someone else got it; how did this happen?
A: Property is allocated based on both first requisition, and/or higher priority.

Q: I’m registered with Computers for Learning (CFL); now what?
A: This answer is currently distributed across our CFL FAQ.

Q: Our unit turned-in items while I was on vacation; how can I see what was turned in?
A: For a list of your items turned in to the DRMO access,  use MIDAS Formatted Reports.  You can produce a list of property turned into any DRMO by your units DODAAC and for the specified dates. This is a very useful tool that will also provide you scrap weight.

Q: How do I get a copy of our turn-in documents?
A: Retrieve an image of Processed Turn-in DD Form 1348 documents via eDOCs.

Q: Where can I get signed copies of my DD 1348-1A?
A: For a copy of a processed DTID, access eDOCs and type in a DTID number, this process is for all items that were not batched at the DRMO. (Items under $800 DEMIL code A)


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