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The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Office is a customer service office available for private industry. FOI operates under a requirement to provide non-proprietary information within twenty working days of request. Direct requests for non-proprietary government information to this office.

Frequently requested information and other materials of public interest are found in the Electronic Reading Room.
DLA Logistics Information Services eReading Room

DLA Disposition Services eReading Room

Tips for Submitting Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

  • Always include a point of contact (POC), mailing address, telephone/fax number/extension and email address.
  • Describe the specific records requested in enough detail so that they can be located with a reasonable amount of effort, i.e., name specific solicitation or contract and information wanted such as bid abstract, Section A and/or B, or delivery orders. At time of submitted request, records must exist.
  • Always include a willingness to pay statement. You are responsible for costs incurred over $15.00. You may want to set a dollar amount. If dollar amount is higher than set amount, you will receive notification.
  • Address your letter to the attention of the DLA Disposition Services or DLA Logistics Information Service FOIA Officer.
  • Mail, fax, or email your request for to the following address/fax number.

    DLA Counsel – Disposition Services
    Freedom of Information Act Office
    74 Washington Avenue N.
    Battle Creek, MI 49037-3092

    Fax Number (269) 961-4534
    Email: DLADispositionServicesPrivacyAct@dla.mil


  • If you have not received your request within 20 working days, feel free to call our office at (269) 961-4513, to check on the status of your request. Please have your case number available for quick checking. You received this number on a fax, e-mail or regular mail, from DLA Disposition Services FOIA that also states your due date.
  • When sending in your request, allow enough time for processing and mailing. Regulation allows us 20 working days to respond to your request.

  • NO FOIA INFORMATION WILL BE GIVEN ON THE PHONE, so please, do not call a contract specialist to ask for information nor send your request to a contract specialist as this will delay the processing of your request. Also, do not ask a contract specialist to check on status of your request.

  • A certified mail cost of $2.00 is added to your total amount for all requests totaling $100.00 or more. If you do not want the request sent certified mail, we are not responsible for lost mail and you are still responsible for the cost of the request.

  • Please include the case number on your check/money order for quick processing of your account.

  • If you are requesting a solicitation and also want current contract information through FOIA, we recommend that you request the information separately.

  • Data frequently requested that is not releasable includes: the abstract of offers at anytime prior to award, technical data submitted by offerors, and unit prices of any unsuccessful offeror."

The Freedom of Information Act Office is here to help you to the best of their ability. Following the above tips will help the FOIA office and our contracting office to process your request quicker.


FOIA Phone Numbers

Commercial: (269) 961-4513
Commercial FAX: (269) 961-4534
DSN FAX: 661-4534


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