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High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles
(HMMWV) & Other Tactical Vehicles:
LESO customers have the ability to request tactical vehicles via the internet using the RTDWeb.  The RTDWeb allows customers to screen, request, and receive property from various DLA Disposition Services Sites. Once ordered, arrangements for pick-up or delivery must be made within 14 days.  
All controlled (DEMIL required) tactical vehicles received through the 1033 program will not receive an SF 97 title transfer.  SF 97 title transfers are not authorized for controlled property. If you receive a DEMIL required tactical vehicle that you need to register, your agency will be issued a DLA Form 1928 "Certificate To Register Tactical Vehicles.“
Armored Vehicles:
State level law enforcement agencies who would like to request an Armored Vehicle, must fill out the Armored Vehicle Request and submit it to the LESO via their State Coordinator’s Office. Federal level law enforcement agencies can submit the request directly to the LESO Tactical Vehicle Lead.
The Armored Vehicle Request and instructions can be found below. Once completed, submitted, and approved the agency will be placed on the National Priority List. 
As Armored Vehicles become available, the LESO Tactical Vehicle Lead will issue them based on:
·      The amount of Armored Vehicles available to the LESO program
·      The date the request was received by LESO
·      Geographic responsibility
·      Fair and equitable distribution

 High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)

Weight: 5,200 - 5,900 lbs
Fuel Type: Diesel
Miles Per Gallon: 10 - 12 (est)












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