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Approved Hazardous Waste Contractors updated July 2011

Contractors can request a facility or transporter be added to the qualified list, once approved they are added to the web for instant notification for all DLA Disposition Services sites.  The DLA Disposition Services reviews the facilities at least annually to update current status.  


Only contractors holding current HW disposal contracts with DLA Disposition Services or contractors offering on a solicitation may request the addition of a facility or transporter.

The DLA Disposition Services has reviewed these facilities and transporters in the past and has no reason to believe that they do not meet the standards specified in the DLA Disposition Services contracts.  Inclusion of facilities and transporters to the Qualified Lists does not constitute a determination of the acceptability of these facilities for the requirements of any specific DLA Disposition Services contract or relieve the contractor of any responsibility for performing specific DLA Disposition Services contracts in accordance with each contract's terms and conditions.

Qualified Lists

These two lists are updated on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions about these lists, please email the TSDF and Transporter Inquiries address listed below.

Instructions for being added to a Qualified List (H.6 Clause)      

For TSDF and Transporter additions/approvals current disposal contract holders may submit required contract Clause H.6 documentation to or contact the respective hazardous waste disposal Contracting Officer.  Contractors that do not have a current disposal contract but wish to be approved by the DLA Disposition Services may contact a current hazardous waste disposal contract holder for submittal to the DLA Disposition Services.  Addition information may be obtained by sending an e-mail inquiry to: TSDF and Transporter Inquiries

Effective March 1, 2009, the Europe and Pacific facilities are now added to the the DLA Disposition Services Approved Facilities and Transporter listing.  If you have any questions regarding this addition, please feel free to use the TSDF and Transporter Inquires email address listed in the paragraph above.

HW Disposal Contract Model

Profile-Based CLINs

DLA Disposition Services launched a new Hazardous Waste Disposal Contract model for solicitation on July 1, 2013.  Profile-Based CLINs (PBCs) are replacing the previous disposal CLINs, which were based primarily on USEPA Waste Codes.  PBCs are much more descriptive in nature, helping Contractors to pre-determine appropriate treatment and disposal technologies when formulating bids.  The new model is also based primarily on “container size” as compared to the old “per pound” pricing.

Click here to view the Profile-Based CLIN Master Schedule.

Click here to view Profile-Based CLIN Guidelines.

New March 2014

Standard Services

Menu of The DLA Disposition Services sites Services is a document utilized to tailor contract requirements for US customers.  

The DLA Disposition Services representatives meet with customers to assist in developing a comprehensive package for hazardous waste services. Tank cleaning, lab analysis, profile completion, lab packing and expedited removals are just some examples of additional services available on the DLA Disposition Services HW contracts.

See our Contracting Page for Current Solicitations/Awards

Hazardous Waste Disposal Funding Information


Please provide the following with the request: Generating activity and POC name and phone; Fund Code; reason for request; The DLA Disposition Services sites POC name and phone.

If all info is submitted correctly, your request will be completed in a timely manner.

Interfund Billing Web   
(DoDAAC web site for an on-line query)

Military generators are required to pay for their HW disposal and must provide a billing DoDAAC and fund code to turn in HM and HW.  E-mail address for military generator HW funding questions: HW Funding Email

The DLA Disposition Services uses three DoDAACs to track each HW item:

The generating DoDAAC is the first six digits of the disposal turn-in document (DTID) and should be of the activity that generated the HW.

The pickup DoDAAC is the address where the waste is located for removal.

The billing/paying DoDAAC is the address of the activity paying for the disposal. The MILS-FC (Military Standard Billing System Fund Code) must match the paying DoDAAC.

All three codes may be the same or they all may be different. If they are different, each must be identified on the 1348-1A turn in document.  To update or change a DoDAAC, the generator must contact their designated service agency point of contact.

The following information is provided to clarify some issues that have been added for our generators: FAQ for Universal Waste

Hazardous Waste BOSS

System Login


BOSS will no longer be available after April 2014

The DLA Disposition Services manages regional service contracts to dispose of some hazardous materials and most hazardous waste. Each contract is tailored to the specific requirements of the generators of the material, our military customers. Pre- and post-award contract development is monitored through a step-by-step plan that includes 14 critical milestones. This program has provided the military services with a more efficient and effective way to dispose of hazardous property. It has also streamlined internal contracting procedures and enhanced relations with the hazardous waste disposal industry.

All questions about access to the new computer program RBI/DSS must be directed to your contracting officer.




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