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DLA Disposition Services manages the disposal of hazardous property for DoD activities. Hazardous property is handled according to the same priorities as other property: reutilization within DoD, transfer to other federal agencies, donations to qualified state and nonprofit organizations, and sale to the public including recyclers.   This process maximizes the use of each item and minimizes the environmental risks and the costs associated with disposal. Disposition Services sites provide safe, temporary storage of hazardous property during the disposal cycle.




DLA Disposition Services Reutilization Searches Contain HMIRS MSDS Numbers:

DoD customers can search our hazardous material inventory and see the actual Hazardous Material Information Resource System (HMIRS)  Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) number associated.  This eliminates the previous concern where hazardous property managers could not tell from the stock number whether the property was correct formulation.  Providing the HMIRS serial number in our property search report will increase reuse of DLA Disposition Services inventory and increase DoD pollution prevention efforts. 

This is just the first step, in the future we hope to hotlink the HMIRS number directly to the HMIRS web site.  DoD customers will be able to click directly from the property search and see the HMIRS MSDS without having to copy the number, open the HMIRS web, paste the number into the HMIRS search page, and bring the MSDS up.

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