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  DLA Disposition Services has integrated its systems

with the DLA Enterprise Business System. 


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For questions, please call 1-877-352-2255 or email the DLAContactCenter@dla.mil



The Unofficial Abstracts and List of Successful Bidders come in two formats, regular  and zipped. Use the zipped format if the file size is large and/or you want to speed   up the download. The .zip files need to be "extracted" before they can be viewed.


Unofficial Abstracts


List of all bidders.

The Unofficial Abstract is a listing of all bids received for each IFB item and is used for auditing purposes. The Sales Contracting Officer (SCO) reviews the Unofficial Abstract to check for keypunch errors, missing bids, and incorrect information. Once the errors are corrected then the SCO proceeds on to the next step of evaluating a sale.

     Regular     Zipped


List of Succesful Bidders


List of only the High bidders.

A List of Successful Bidders (LSB) is produced for each IFB/Catalog (except Negotiated Sales) when 90-95% of the sale has been awarded. The LSB identifies, by item, the successful bidder and amount of the bid. The LSB also lists items pending award and for what reason, e.g. reutilization, no-bid items and items rejected for insufficient bid.

    Regular      Zipped        International Local Sales LSBs


Past Sales Results (historical)


Abstracts and LSBs that are older than 10 business days are removed from the Web. In order to request a copy a Freedom of Information Request must be submitted. The Freedom Of Information (FOI) Office is a customer service office available for private industry. FOI operates under a requirement to provide non-proprietary information within twenty working days of request. Direct requests for non-proprietary government information are submitted to this office.



Note: DOWNLOADING FILES. Whenever you download a catalog, abstract or list of successful bidders, you should always download the file in the zipped format. The zipped file is approximately ten times smaller than the original file and will save you downloading time. Once downloaded, the file can be unzipped and viewed in your word processor. Prior to downloading your first zipped file you must have a      software program that will "unzip" or "extract" a file so that you may view it.            The following two programs are offered as "free shareware".

Download PKUNZIP      Download WINZIP


a. DOS WORD PROCESSORS. All files are in 132 column format. To view the file you should extend your right margin to 132 spaces; this will eliminate word wrap. To    print the file you should set your word processor to print the file at 8 lines per inch   and set your printer to compressed mode (17 cpi).

b. MICROSOFT WINDOWS WORD PROCESSOR. To eliminate word wrap and the   ragged appearance, select "edit", "select all", "fonts", "Courier New point 6, 7,           or 8" and adjust all margins to .5 inches. These instructions may be a little different depending on the word processor you use. You might need to experiment with       your word processor to get the best results.

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