Hazardous Waste Profile Sheet (HWPS)


(See Helpful Aids, DRMS Form 1930. Use of DRMS Form 1930 is not mandatory; however, if an alternate format is used, it must contain all the same data.) 

   a. Turn-in activities are required to provide a Hazardous Waste Profile Sheet, DRMS Form 1930 (.pdf Fillable Form updated 6/27/07) with the turn-in of each initial waste stream and once a year thereafter.

   b. A HWPS is required with turn-ins of HW and used and/or opened HM that meets the definition of a HW when discarded by disposal service contract. Used and/or unopened HM is considered contaminated and may not be the same property described in an MSDS (see DoD 4160.21-M, Chapter 10, paragraph D).

  c. Generators will complete the form by providing requested information or by entering "N/A" when applicable. The information may be based on user's knowledge and/or laboratory analysis of the waste. Supporting documentation may be required if user's knowledge does not identify or characterize the waste sufficiently or correctly.

  d. Supporting documentation consists of chemical analysis, description of waste production processes including raw materials, end products, and other sources of how the waste was generated.

   e. After the initial turn-in of the waste, turn-ins of identical waste will not require a HWPS; instead, generators will enter a Disposition Services site-assigned HWPS reference number in block 27 of the DTID.

   f. The turn-in activity shall certify each HWPS annually by either providing to the Disposition Services site a new signed and dated HWPS or an electronically transmitted HWPS for each waste which will be generated during the following year.

   g. Or, the turn-in activity may provide a letter listing the profile number and the name of the corresponding waste stream for each profile which the generator wishes to remain active for another year. If the turn-in activity chooses to provide a letter, that letter must be signed and dated and include the following statement: "The undersigned certifies that the hazardous waste profiles listed in this letter have been carefully reviewed. Any changes to the processes generating these wastes have been considered. New regulations affecting hazardous waste identification and disposal have been applied. Neither the waste streams nor the identification of the waste streams has changed in a manner that would warrant a change in the data previously provided on these waste profiles."

  h.  For overseas, assign the host nation or IMDG shipping description.

  i.  Laboratory chemicals are exempt from waste profile requirements provided they are processed according to DoD 4160.21-M, Chapter 10, Attachment 1.




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