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Turn-In Documentation (DD Form 1348-1a, ETID, EDOCs)


Documentation Services Provided for Generating Activities




Reference:  MIDAS Formatted Reports.  Direct access to historical ERS, ETID, MIDAS, MILSNSN, Scheduler, and FLIS+/Photos is no longer available via our public web site.

Current ERS data is found in EBS Business Objects production reports.

Our internal and external customers should contact their local DLA Disposition Services site office to pull the MIDAS/ERS historical data. We apologize for the inconvenience, and in the near future, customers with a DOD CAC (aka Common Access Card) should be able to resume direct access.

To find the closest Disposition Services site to your location, search using the Locations link: http://www.logisticsinformationservice.dla.mil/SiteLookup/. If you still need assistance, please contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC) at 1-877-352-2255 or DSN: 661-7766; or send email to dlacontactcenter@dla.mil.


DD Form 1348-1a Electronic Receipt Copy Retrieval 


DLA Disposition Services developed two options to provide electronic receipt documentation for DoD components and encourages generating activities to become familiar with and accept as an electronic receipt of documentation.

  • Customers can retrieve a detailed list of non-batched property turned in using a single customers DODAAC and desired dates by contacting your servicing
  • Using eDOCS Public Search Link "Web Docs replacement" customers can retrieve an electronic image of a processed DD Form 1348-1a
  • *As of 25 January 2011 DLA Disposition Services has implemented a new Electronic Document Storage System (eDocs).
    DLA Disposition Services Users' Link
    Public Search Link


DD Form 1348-1a Documentation for Turn-Ins


ETID is not available for scrap at this time.


Excel 1348-1a worksheet forms


Our DD Form 1348-1a Excel worksheets are another option for creating a turn-in document. These forms provide pre-filled drop-down data and certification statements to include bar coded DTID & NSN numbers on turn-in DD Form 1348-1a documents.
Note: Before opening- set Macro' security level to medium in Excel under Tools for the drop down selections to work.  When opening "Select Enable Macros"

User's Instructions (.pdf) on how to load and use the Excel forms

Samples of these completed Excel DD Form 1348-1 Sample 1348-1As (.pdf) 

1. Original 1348 Short Form (.xls) 1348 Short Form per MIL-STD-129 (.xls)
Basic information required for your turn-in document.

2. Original 1348 Long Form (.xls) 1348 Long Form per MIL-STD-129 (.xls)
The Long Form accommodates all columns and blocks on the DD 1348-1A to include selecting  many different drop down menu certification statements.


Documentation Assistance


Create Local Stock Number

FSC Groups & Classes H2 Handbook

Federal Supply Class (FSC) Codes

Data Exchange Program)

For help with these Data elements on DD Form 1348-1a


DEMIL Codes and Definitions

2 Digit Supply & Disposal Condition Codes (SCCs) (.doc)
 Federal condition codes for utilization program screening and review purpose.

Disposal Authority Code

Demil Certificate(.pdf)

Radioactive Certificate(.pdf)

Inert Certificate(.pdf)

Computer Hard Drive Certificate (.pdf)

(DLA Form 2500, Certificate of Hard Drive Disposition (Formerly DLIS Form 1867))


DLA Form 1730 (.pdf) Vehicle Technical Inspection
Per the DoD 4160.21-M Turn-in Customers will provide a LTI (DLA 1730) for the following stock classes 23,24,38,39

Using code 3of9 Bar Codes
To print or read Bar Codes on the DD Form 1348-1a, download the 3of9 Barcode Font (.tff) into your Fonts folder.  All data elements before conversion will have an * before and after it. For example the DTID number RHUKEW80230001 would be *RHUKEW80230001* and then converted into a 3of9 barcode image of a barcode  this can only be done if the 3of9 Barcode Font is in your Fonts folder.

For assistance contact: Your local DRMO


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