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Turn-in to the DLA Disposition Services Site or Receipt In Place Procedures


Please, maintain close liaison with the your local DLA Disposition Services Site

One of the most critical and important stages in the flow of property through the disposition system is the initial receipt of property at the DLA Disposition Services Site & Receipt in Place (RIP)

Disposal Service Representative (DSR): The Disposal Service Representatives or DSRs are the face of DLA Disposition Services to the transactional customer. DSRs implement the Service Delivery Methods developed by DLA Disposition Services to better serve our customers with a consistent property mix. They assist the customer by making disposal decisions regarding property at the customer’s location, sending property directly to its ultimate location whenever possible thereby reducing the number of times it has to be handled. DSRs help reduce the overall cost of disposal to the DoD. They assist the customer in the solution of common disposal issues, and they are the customer’s advocate to the DLA Disposition Services as well as the DLA Disposition Services voice to the customer.

Be prepared ensure you are aware of the turn-in procedures

DoD 4160.21-M
Chapter 3 Receipt, Handling and Accounting
B. Turn-in to the DLA Disposition Services Site

Turn-in to the DLA Disposition Services Site

All items turned into the DLA Disposition Services Site must have the DD Form 1348-1a attached and required certificates. (see Turn-in Documentation Tab to the left)

Ensure all property turned-in to DLA Disposition Services Sites is safe to handle and non-leaking to ensure
environmental compliance during transport to the DLA Disposition Services Site and storage during the disposal process.

Ideas for Sorting/Grouping property

Options include: FSC, NIIN, Dollar amount, Demil code, condition code, MLI , Property that need special handling, Critical Items, Size, Pilferable, Condemned, SALD, F-14, Clothing, Tools, Furniture

Packaging Tips:
Containerize to prevent movement during transport
Tri-Wall containers
Band items

Maximize cube
Stackable Tri-Wall boxes
Palletize to allow stacking
Shrink Wrap to pallet
Safe to load/unload with MHE
DTID attached to property
Identify multi pallets of same items
No Hazardous Waste

Receipt in Place (RIP)

(1) Property will be processed as “receipt in place” when the DLA Disposition Services Site is physically unable to accept property either by regulation or other restrictions. Requests for withdrawal after the DLA Disposition Services Site accepts accountability shall be coordinated with the DLA Disposition Services Site. DLA Disposition Services Sites shall arrange for such support with the local host installation or the generating activity, e.g., ISA, MOU, etc.
(see DoD 4160.21-M, Chapter 3, paragraph B for details):

General: Inspection of the property is performed in place if it is more advantageous to do so because of the size, weight, or category of the property. Excess property not transferred physically to the DLA Disposition Services Site shall be tagged with a status tag indicating the DTID number, Federal Condition Code and DLA Disposition Services Site accountability.

If the property is received in place, the tagging must include identification as property on the account of the DLA Disposition Services Site. (Property should be consolidated physically in a designated area, but may be left in place if this action is determined locally to be justified for economic or other valid reasons ). The activity having physical custody shall be responsible for care and protection of this property until it is disposed of or moved to the DLA Disposition Services Site.

DLA Disposition Services ETID application can be used for either physical turn-in or receipt in place


DLA Form 1730 Vehicle Technical Inspection
Per the DoD 4160.21-M Turn-in Customers will provide a LTI (DLA 1730) for the following stock classes 23,24,38,39


The DSR will

  • Ensure an MOA has been completed allowing RIP (Complete if necessary in coordination with DLA Disposition Services Site Area Manager) Sample Usable MOA  Sample Scrap MOA
  • Inspect the property; verify condition, quantity, demil code, and National Stock Number (NSN)
  • Ensure required certifications are complete and with the property
  • Make recommendations for Demil as a Condition of Sale, when it is appropriate. 
  • Complete the Disposal Turn In Document (DTID) and provide a receipt copy to the generator
  • Mark the property to show accountability has transferred to DLA Disposition Services (barcode label)
  • Provide additional description and pictures for FLIS + as required (see DLA Disposition Services-I 4160.14 Vol. II, Chapter 2, Para B1a for requirements)

DLA Disposition Services Site Acceptability of Property

The following types of property may be physically accepted by any DLA Disposition Services Site
regardless of its resources or technical expertise, unless specifically authorized.
DLA Disposition Services Sites will accept accountability, but not physical custody of the following:
Live animals
Ammunitions, explosives, and dangerous articles (AEDA)
(Includes incendiary products)
Drugs, biological, and controlled substances
Nitrate base film
Used psycho diagnostic test sets
Radioactive Material that meet the following:
      1. With a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), DLA Disposition Services Sites may
accept accountability of serviceable radioactive items/materials, including
radioactive electron tubes for RTD and sales only. If RTD or Sales is not
successful, accountability must be returned to the generating activity for disposal
as radioactive waste
      2. Loose items, except electron tubes that are NRC license exempt, can be accepted in place and can be screened for reutilization and transfer (but not for donation, sale or abandonment/destruction). If reutilization or transfer fails, accountability must be returned to the generating activity for disposal as radio- active waste.

Do not perform DEMIL for any radioactive material or dispose of any radio- active material without the prior concurrence of DLA Disposition Services -O and DES-Battle Creek Public Safety Division. References: DOD 4160.21-M, Chapter VII, DLAM 4145.8, Radioactive Commodities in the DoD Supply System.

DLA Disposition Services Sites will not accept responsibility or custody for the following items:
      1. Property containing obsolete DEMIL Codes H, J, K, L, M, N.
      2. Property containing information covered by the Privacy Act.
      3. Gas masks, shelters, vehicles, etc. with filters, canisters or filter systems attached
      4. Microwave receiver protective tubes, marine navigation devices containing tritium gas, or other items containing radium; if the radium contained in the item is used for purposes other than self illumination.
      5. Radioactive waste: FSC 4470; nor non serviceable items that contain radioactive components.
      6. Un-salable material of a non-hazardous nature. Includes but is not limited to DoD inspection stamps, devices, consecrated religious items, and classified cryptographic equipment.
      7. Classified Material, classified property systems security material.

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