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Usable Furniture Handling Procedures

& OTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES and for sale to the public

Good Usable Furniture

DLA Disposition Services is a valuable source of supply for furniture and request your assistance when disposing of your "Good Usable Furniture" to one of our DLA Disposition Services Sites.

To save tax dollars on purchases of new furniture, reduce the cost of Abandonment and Destruction, and allow DLA Disposition Services to provide quality useable furniture to other Military and Government agencies. 

With the exception of these items that must go directly to A & D.

–Any item that might be detrimental to public health
–Box Springs
–Other bedding
–Upholstered furniture

Please follow these Tips for the Turn-in of the following Furniture type items.

FSG 7110 Office Furniture
Includes Filing Cabinets; Safes; Post Office

FSG 7105 Household Furniture
Includes Bedsprings, Open Style (All metallic); Folding Chairs; Camp Furniture;
Mirrors, Wall Mounting and Furniture Types; Smoking Stands.           

FSG 7125 Cabinets, Lockers, Bins, and Shelving
Includes Kitchen Cabinets; Sectional

FSG 7195 Miscellaneous Furniture and Fixtures
Includes Stone, Clay, and Concrete Furniture


Upon notice that your unit will be receiving new furniture:
Contact the DSR at your DLA Disposition Services Site to inform them you will have furniture to turn-in. This will allow the DSR ample time to advertise and find a customer. 

During the dismantling of your Good Usable Furniture:
Pay careful attention not to destroy or damage the components of or lose smaller parts and hardware required for reassembly.  Use plastic bags for screws, nuts and bolts and tape these to the larger pieces.  Also, tape smaller parts like table legs etc. to keep the item complete.

These steps will allow DLA Disposition Services to provide good usable furniture with required parts for reassembly and help us build a good reputation as a valuable source of supply for furniture. 

Your DSR is available to assist you, for all your turn-in questions for a Turn-in to the DLA Disposition Services Site or Receipt in place.

Save money and Reutilize!

Military & Government agencies can search for this property

Use the above FSGs to conduct a search on the
"Property Search for Military, Federal, State & Special Programs"
web page.

Furniture which survives RTD screening will be sold through DLA Disposition Services sales partner (Government Liquidation) search for items on the "Property for Sale to Public" web page.


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